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Portable Beauty Massager

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Portable Beauty Massager

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 Model Number


 Brand Name


 portable massager

lift skin


10.05*6.52*6.02 cm



 Time Setting

30min for facial and body


LCD display slimming mach

1. Smart egg apperance facial machine
2. one button operated facial machine
3. Ultrasonic wave of ultrasonic facial machine

4. Stainless steel treatment head for both facial and body care

5. Automatically timer with 30 min.


With unique high-frequency vibration of 1 million per second, the ultrasonic is helpful to increase permeability of skin, import nutrients of cosmetics by penetrating the isolated film of skin, thus realize the main function of supplementing water of cells and importing nutrients of skin.


Power: 6W

Output Power:4W

Timer Setting: 30 min.

Dimensions: 10.05*6.52*6.02 cm

vIn only 10-15 minutes daily, you'll see and experience dynamic changes in your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this intense form of care.


The Three Bio-effects of fir slim body shape :

VIbration:  cavitation ultrasonic cavitation

Ultrasound waves, at tremedous speeds, have an effect on tissue just like that of massage. We usually call this mechanical effect micro-massage. It can be applied equally to surface tissues (like skin) or deeper tissue that underlies our beauty structure, such as muscle and fat deposits


Warming Effect:  fir slim body shape


Warmth is produced by vigorous friction of the molecules in high-speed vibration. Warmth has long been recognized for its skin-freshening and enhancing properties, as well as its virtues in controlling pain and promoting healing. 

Cavitation:   fir slim body shape

The effects of ultrasound on fluids are to promote the production of tinier and tiner droplets, or micro bubbles, which faciliate and energize processes like cleansing, absorption, and dissolving of nutrients and moisturizers.



Ultrasonic technology with frequency of 1MHz
Four functional levels: cleansing, massaging, nutrition importing, color lightening
One button operated for power and strength condition adjust
Stainless steel treatment head for both facial and body care
Smart egg appearance, very fashionable and convenient to carry anywhere anytime
Massage by ultrasonic wave
Great for helping your skin to absorb skin care products
Helps to supply skin with moisture
Enhance the activation of the skin, give you a moistening and soft skin


Power supply (adapter):
Input: AC 100 to 240V
Output: DC 24V
Power: 10W
Maximum power: 3W
Mode work: continuous

  Package Size

10.05 x 6.52 x 6.02   Centimeters

  Package Weight

150   Grams

  Delivery lead time

15-20 days

  Minimum order

500-1000 unit

  Supply ability

10,000 units per month

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